• Chapter 1: Myra

    Myra stood awkwardly in the roomful of women. They were all varying shades of brown but each one wore a nametag that said “Hello my name is…” on their right breasts. Myra also wore one on the right side of her large bosom. Her dress was printed with palm trees which was fitting for the warm early June weather. Her monochromatic dress was sewn by hand; her own creation.
  • Welcome to AlysonJonLife

    My name is Alyson and I am the founder and designer of Alyson Jon Life. I design jewelry and other items that encourage others to embrace their own style. In other words, “Make Your Own Statement.” I also take this mantra into other areas of my life including home decor, cooking, finance and career. I want to encourage others to make their own path through DIY and creativity.
  • Afro Punk Inspired Embroidered Boxy Top Sewing Project

    A personal sewing project inspired by the Afro Punk festival and being my true self. This resulted in a bright colored modern embroidered neckline.
  • This Cool Ass Memphis Group Style Embroidered Boxy Top I Sewed

    I took a basic boxy pattern from the 1980s and gave me own style with embroidery.

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